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Have a nice cheesy time with #3 : Malente

Today, we interview someone who’s living for his sets.

My name’s Christoph, I’m doing this for .. eh… like … ever. I started out doing breakbeat and funky stuff, then electro, house, tropical, techno – open minded music for open minded people since 1999. And I’m still interested in music.

⁃   I’m trying to make people dance, trying to have fun with the crowd. At the same time I try playing as complex as possible for dance music, but staying accessible to people. No matter if they are fans or have never heard what I play. Sometimes nobody knows about my releases or anything, but people go mad. It’s not about definition of music, or styles. It’s more about the feeling that you transmit as a good DJ.

As a producer I always loved electronic and sample based music. I was fascinated by the time when chicago house came-over to europe mid 80s and hip-hop ruled the late 80s (de la soul, public enemy …). I don’t see myself like a classical musician, much more a compositor who puzzles stuff together and I love making music for myself and my home.

As for a fan of music, when I was a child, I was listening to Depeche Mode, and back then it was like a revolutionary music for me. Same when I heard Public Enemy for the first time or Miami Bass Music. But I also enjoyed Pet Shop Boys, by the way i’ve always been a huge fan of electro-pop, Human League, Soft Cell, Kraftwerk, Garry Numan … I didn’t really give a shit if it is a credible band, I enjoyed cheesy Italo Disco, ABC or Falco.

I’m born in North of Germany, in a little town called Malente. Nobody else was into the kind of music I liked in this town. I learned everything from radio. Back then radio wasn’t as mainstream as today. It was a different time, anyway. When I was young, there wasn’t many computers, home computing just started. And there was no internet. Basically you were on your own when you were born in a two horse town. So I started alone, no scene just some school friends who I dragged into rapping and singing for fun.

I bought turntables, but Technics were way too much expensive. I had ones without pitch and used my hands continuously to keep the tunes in tempo. good practice … My first instrument was a sampler, like crazy expensive – a piece of hardware that does what every cheap PC can do better nowadays. You had to additionally buy a computer just for sequencing the samples from the sampler.

Everything is different now. Especially the selling of music changed, and the communication between people liking this kind of music. With the CDs (digitalization of music) and the internet it became a completely different thing.

I started out on birthday parties, but did not exactly play the music people wanted to hear. I tried to find a way between what people like and what I wanted to play. The next step was throwing my own parties, before becoming DJ that was booked by others. I rented a system and a room and and invited all our friends.

This then became a monthly party. I was trying to make fuse lots of different styles and ended up mixing some funk, easy listing, big beat, garage rock, german independent rock with funky beats in the mid 90s.

I DJ with DJS and CDs only. I bought the first version of Final Scratch when it was new, but it always failed on me back then. It kept me from having a good time and enjoying the party. I threw it into some corner then.
Before that I played Vinyl for ages. But at a certain point you couldn’t get some tunes on vinyl anymore. Plus I wanted to play my own new stuff. So I switched to CDs. That gave me the chance to make tons of exclusive edits too.

The fact that anybody can release a tune now makes it very very hard to find that 1% clever music in a sea of 99% of shit.    The problem is not that everybody wants to be exactly like Boys Noize or Justice, but much more the fact that everybody wants to live from music. When I got into it, it wasn’t for the money, it wasn’t my aim to live of music. It was cause I love making music. And people now think if they copy Boys Noize they’ll be big.

The other mistake people make is to follow the ‘Superstar DJ’. Sure a good DJ deserves respect. But I don’t like it if people come to a DJ gig for pure entertainment. Like if they go to Steve Aoki, and don’t pay attention to the MUSIC as much as to that one DJ-Jesus behind the decks. Aoki’s putting a rockstar show on and he’s great at it. If everybody’s happy, I’m fine with it. But I don’t wanna be that guy, I wanna show people music I found and music i like.

Same goes for my philosophy with my own label No Brainer Records. I am running this label, but the music is what makes this label interesting, not me. It’s a shame that very often personality cult defines a label more then the music they put out. Even with Sound Pellegrino, where the music is very strong in my opinion there is a lot of personality cult involved. In this case I don’t blame Teki Latex as he uses his persona to make great music accessible to people who wouldn’t listen if it wasn’t Teki presenting it. But for me I’m just not the guy that wants to be so much in the ‘star’ of his label. Well maybe it’s just kinda oldschool but I’d prefer to be fan of a label rather than being fan of a dude.

The latest single on No Brainer Records is by me with Zero Cash – ‘I’ll Be There’ which is pretty hard techno with a bit tropical feeling. End of October there’ll be a new act dropping their debut: Say Dubai with their EP called Bum. Remixes by Sam Tiba, Polymath and Kill Light. Oldschool techno meets tropical elements, bass music and house. Genres are stupid anyway, s just listen to it! visit

All DJ gig should be as good as the one yesterday (in Paris, note)…

                                                                                                                                                                                                     Sven, for Natugla.


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